I've been puppet building for 3 years now...

I started building back in January of 2015. I was working as a stage management intern at a children's theatre when I really experienced puppets for the first time. I was immediately hooked and never looked back. 

I am a self-taught in building and started by buying "The Foam Book" by Donald Devet and Drew Allison. I took my first commission in January 2016 and have been consistently working on commissions since that time. Building is my passion and the ability to bring people's sketches to life is one of the most satisfying feelings out there. 

I now primarily build "Muppet-style" puppets. I attended the Humber College Puppetry Intensive the summer of 2016 to learn more about theatrical puppet building. That opportunity allowed me to expand and enhance my abilities and business direction.

I live in LA and love the city and love the opportunities it provides. The puppet community here is like no other. I have fallen so much in love with it that I am now on the board of the LA Guild of Puppetry. This allows me to try and make puppetry more accessible to the LA community while my commission work allows me to share puppetry nationally.