Here is a library of puppet videos and performing videos.

Check Out Below!


This was my first major puppet build! It was for Party Fun Times with Taryn Souther and the music video "Everyone Is Just A Little Gay". This was very early in my building career and I'm glad to see how I've been able to grow since this build.


A simple video of Olmec saying "Legends of the Hidden Temple".

Sky-Diving Suit

My friend needed four sky-diving suits for his monthly sketch show at IO West. Here is the suit we built to fake the flying/falling.

BTS for "Upscale with Prentice Penny"

Sometimes you get to ride a dolly to help get your puppet moving. This was some of the most fun I had on set!

BTS of "Everyone Is Just a Little Gay"

I had the chance to work through the rehearsals with the puppets. So, here is a run of us figuring out how to make this music video work.